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Scheur Kruisband: Kniespecialist RPA Janssen is de deskundige voor behandeling in Zuid Nederland. Patellofemorale pijn: Kniespecialist RPA Janssen is topspecialist in behandeling van knieschijfklachten.
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Development of Preoperative Prediction Models for Pain and...

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On NOvember 1, 2019, RPA Janssen...

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Osteo-arthritis knee: Osteotomy

Medial knee osteo-arthritis may occur in patients with varus leg alignment. An osteotomy may be a good treatment in active, young patients. Illustrated is a case of a 49-year old heavy laborer.

I had a serious osteo-arthritits of my knee. I discussed the possible options with  dr. Janssen. He suggested an osteotomy of my leg as treatment for my knee disorder. Surgery took place in May 2010. I was comforted by the updates during the surgery by dr. Janssen as well as the good aftercare by the nursing staff. Rehabilitation has taken about 4 months, with crutches in the first few weeks after surgery. I went back to work progressively after 4 months.
The plate and screws have been removed by dr. Janssen after my bone healed. This took place in September 2011. At this moment (October 2011), I am training in a rehabilitation program and expect to return to work shortly.
I am very satisfied with the results as well as the treatment by dr. Janssen. He has given me confidence and it was all worthwhile. I can live without knee pain and perform my heavy labor job. 

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