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Kneecap pain is a regular occurrence in fitness knee rehabilitation

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When running, the knee is loaded with 6x your body weight with each step

Meniscus lesion at tennis

A meniscus may rupture if the knee sustains a twisting motion with sports activities such as tennis, field hockey or soccer. Meniscus lesions may cause pain, locking or swelling of the knee. A meniscus rupture is best treated by arthroscopy.

Suddenly, I noticed that I had pain on the inside of my knee while playing tennis. I could finisch playing the set but it did not feel right. At home, I felt sharp pains on twisting and bending of the knee. I decided to wait for the complaints to disappear. They did not and finally I decided to visit dr. Janssen. Many fellow tennisplayers recommended him as a knee specialist. An appointment with dr Janssen was made on short notice. He examined my knee and made the diagnosis swiftly. An MRI scan was made to exclude other diseases, however I felt dr Janssen already knew what to do. The MRI confirmed the diagnosis: meniscus rupture.

I was able to choose between 2 dates for the arthroscopy. This was very convenient for the planning of my work. I was somehow anxious for the regional anaesthesia however my legs started to get numb even before I realized that the anaesthesia had taken place. I was surprised to see the inside of my own knee on the TV monitor and dr Janssen explained the surgery as he removed the meniscal tear. Shortly after the surgery, I was comfortly taken care of by the nurses on the ward and felt the motion return in my lower leg. After a few hours, I returned home with no pain! The next day, I could put my socks back on without any knee complaints, so much difference from the pain I felt with the same activity before the surgery. It felt great!

I was expecting one week of work absence but started again after 3 days. Two weeks later, I was back playing tennis. Now, one year later, I have never felt pain in my knee again. In summary, I received a perfect treatment is a professional and friendly medical service for which I am forever grateful.